Mission & History


Serving those in need, Ulster County Community Action Committee, Inc., (UCCAC) is dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged in the community, including the poor, the elderly, families, children and people with disabilities in order to enable them to live in dignity.  Our services are designed to increase self-sufficiency and to empower those we service to meet human needs adequately.

Our program services are designed to respond to changing community needs, to strengthen families, to foster opportunities for education and training, to increase employ-ability, to initiate opportunity for work, to reduce the living costs of the economically disadvantaged so that they have more resources to meet their basic needs, to remove obstacles to independence, to alleviate poverty and to respond to emergency needs that are often a condition of life in poverty.

Taking Action/Improving Lives


UCCAC was incorporated in 1965 and received an initial planning and development grant in the spring of 1966. For the first time agencies and community leaders were involved in the planning as were community residents who were to receive the services.

The original mandate which still holds true to this day was to provide resources and services which promote people’s dignity and self-sufficiency.

Through the last 50+ years, UCCAC continues to implement the philosophy of self-help; a “a hand up, not a hand out” through practical, timely, and innovative programs, and services that emphasize and develop problem solving skills for people.

For a more in-depth understanding of our organization, download our History.

To view all of our current program and outreach locations, UCCAC Locations as of Mar 2018

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