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We are here to assist the disadvantaged in the community and enable people to live with dignity. Our services are designed to help those in need, the elderly, families, children and people with disabilities. Our services are designed to increase self-sufficiency and to empower those we serve to meet their human needs adequately.

We structure our programs to respond to changing community needs and are designed to:

  • strengthen families
  • foster and initiate
  • opportunities for education, training and work and to increase employability
  • reduce the living costs of the economically disadvantaged so that they have more resources to meet their basic needs
  • remove obstacles to independence and alleviate poverty
  • respond to emergency needs that are often a condition of life in poverty

Core Values of our Programs

We believe in empowering our clients so as not to foster entitlement or dependency relationships. Our core values are:

  • We have respect for the person.
  • We believe in the dignity of each individual.
  • We are client focused.
  • We are responsive and responsible to the community.
  • We encourage self-sufficiency.
  • We promote leadership and collaboration.
  • All client information is kept strictly confidential. 

Our programs include:


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