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Teams Help

Teams Help


1) Login to your email.

2) Locate the email from a staff member at UCCAC. It will look something like this:

3) Open the email, the body content should look something like this:

 There are three buttons on the invitation. The first is a button labeled “Yes”. Clicking this will add the invitation to your calendar. The second button is labeled “Maybe”. It does the same thing and also lets the organizer know you may not make it. The final button is labeled “No”. This button lets the organizer know that you cannot attend. You should see some blue or purple text that says, “Click here to join the meeting”. If you have a computer or a cell phone with a camera and microphone, you can click on this text to join the meeting on the day it’s scheduled. 


4)Once you click that blue or purple text you should see the following:

The easiest option will be for you to chose to “Continue on this browser”. Unless you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. If that’s the case, you should select the “Open your Teams app” option. From there you will be prompted to install teams on your device. 

If you’ve already done this at least once you may see the following: 

If you see this option, just click the button labeled open. 

5) Whether you chose the application or your browser the next screen you see should look something like this: 

Simply type in your name, make sure that the little switch near the camera and microphone icon are purple as seen in the image above. Then just click the button labeled “Join now”. Doing so will pull you directly into the meeting and no further action will be required. 

If you are unable to join the Teams meeting for Head Start please contact 845-338-8750 ext. 200 so you can be transferred to the person from whom you have the received the Teams invitation. For other UCCAC programs, please contact the Front Desk at 845-338-8750 ext. 100 so you can be transferred to the person from whom you have the received the Teams invitation.